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Assisted the CIO organization of a major cloud computing/managed services technology company in establishing a Project Management Office (PMO). Developed and implemented the “PMO Handbook” that defined standards for all aspects of project planning, collateral, lifecycle, controls and reporting. Assisted in talent acquisition and remedial project manager coaching.

Assisted the dominant global computer manufacturer in developing and implementing a data quality methodology and its associated testing procedures. Functioned as THE final quality approval point for the data merge/ transformation/cleansing and update between the various (North America, Europe, Asian, etc.) location and application-specific (e.g. the e-commerce site) databases for basic customer information (actually 260+ separate data elements) that would be used as the repository of record for all basic customer information in the corporate marketing organization.

Led a team and conducted hands-on testing using BRIO to access, test, and validate the various levels of data transformation and update across the entire chain of data warehouses/data marts that would ultimately receive this customer-related data.

Assisted a start-up .com in establishing the management procedures and controls necessary to deliver an information systems-based product after two missed delivery dates. In ten weeks, we:

  • Assessed the current state of the product.

  • Re-estimated the time-to-deliver.

  • Recruited and successfully deployed a 10 person development team.

  • Eliminated all reliance on a local, outsourced development resource

  • Implemented development procedures and controls.

  • Re-defined the .com's relationship with a third-party application service provider to achieve a significantly improved level of service.

  • Completed the build of a "co-location" data center facility to support the client's website.

  • Repaired the company's internal technology infrastructure and procedures.

  • Designed a customer service function and hired a customer service manager.

  • Implemented management procedures and controls relating to non-technology-related aspects of the business (payables, receivables, budgeting, vendor management).

  • Developed a weekly communication program and documentation repository for knowledge-sharing and decision-making.
The .com subsequently met its re-estimated product delivery date and improved its longer-term ability to meet its commitments to its venture partners.

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