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Assisted a well-known broadcast and "new" media company in assessing the feasibility of developing a business continuity plan for its broadcast and web site operations. This engagement included: assessing the business impact of various disaster scenarios, assisting in alternatives (hot site, cold site, etc.) evaluation, selecting a hot site, and initiating development of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. The technology targeted for recovery planning included: television broadcast studio equipment, satellite and microwave receipt/transmission equipment, studio operations, and extensive technical center support systems including business, meteorological, and cable company support. Subsequent to the feasibility assessment, we formed a team of consulting and client personnel to develop and document the plan.

Acted as an "interim CIO" in assisting an entrepreneurial media company that was embarking on a major program to change its business. This engagement required the implementation of basic information technology related processes and controls (e.g., change and release control, systems development and testing lifecycle, customer/user management, documentation, reporting, security) in a rapidly changing technology environment. Led the team that developed and documented requirements for a new customer service system and subsequently selected the Vantive package solution. Assisted the selection team in defining required package modifications and deployment guidelines. In response to a potentially major processing risk, assisted the client in defining the requirements for a new data warehouse that would replace an existing business reporting system that proved substantially unreliable. We then selected consulting

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