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Life Sciences

Assisted a pharmaceutical company in assembling, archiving, and preparing the data required to defend the company against a lawsuit that threatened the company's ability to survive as an ongoing corporate entity. Developed the program methodology, staffing requirements, procedures and controls for data accumulation, categorization, and verification for presentation to a vendor that would further transform the data needed to support the outside counsel's litigation efforts. 168 servers processed a diverse enterprise-wide catalog of applications and systems required to process all of the business functions in a large, highly regulated pharmaceutical company. Required extensive documentation, technical and process assessment, and end-user "customer" management to meet the data archival requirements necessary to meet court-ordered retention instructions.

Assisted the world’s largest pharmaceutical company in managing a project to evaluate the feasibility of technology that would allow all employees, business partners and eventually, vendors to access the corporate systems/intranet from any browser-based connection anywhere in the world.

Required the resolution of issues surrounding technology version control/management, security, and intranet-based application system access and control.

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