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Assisted the senior management team of the Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) organization at the 4th largest North American wireless company in:

  • Improving its project portfolio management process by implementing improved governance and assessment procedures.

  • Bringing the EIT component of a major new product to market in a brief 5 months (covering the entire development lifecycle).

  • Acting as the Interim Director of an 85 project/program manager PMO with more than 120 active capital projects with a combined budget of more than $200MM. Implemented/enforced procedures/controls to ensure that the PMO published the "project status of record."

  • Diagnosing and initiating improvements to the test organization that included: risk-based testing, test system infrastructure, test case execution, defect reporting and management, senior management progress reporting, skills assessment, recruiting and organization.

Assisted in performing an information technology management and procedural review to assess the continued viability of a $150 million new systems development project for a major telecommunications company. Acted as the catalyst for comparing the options of proceeding with the existing client server development effort or making a significant commitment to a vendor-based alternative and stopping the in-house development effort.

Led a team responsible for managing a $7 million project that separated a manufacturing division of a major telecommunications systems vendor, from the parent company. The team had responsibility for managing the financial (general ledger, fixed assets, etc.) and revenue (sales order processing, shipping) processes' move from the parent company systems to a stand-alone, IBM RS/6000 client server environment based upon the Oracle Corporation's suite of applications. The process teams included participants from the client company's finance, marketing, and information technology organizations, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, and IBM Global Services.

Assisted a team in assessing a major long distance telecommunications company's network operations systems (line provisioning, network trouble reporting, etc.) ability to meet dramatically greater business transaction requirements for its entry into the local residential and commercial marketplaces. The technology platform included a Sybase application developed by Lucent Technologies processing in a Sun environment. This engagement required the analysis of the various transaction loads at each point in the process, matching them to the results of the platform's emerging performance test metrics, and extrapolating the results based upon the anticipated transaction increase.

Led a team that developed a new "customer care" process for the network services group of a large telecommunications company. This process featured a new customer service concept for addressing user questions and problems relating to more than 180 different network service applications processing on more than 150 different platforms in data and "work" centers around North America. We subsequently assisted in selecting a new automated customer support system and deploying pilot implementations in two support locations.

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